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Adjunctive Therapy for The Treatment of Pain

"CHRONIC PAIN" or acutely chronic pain is defined as a pain that persists for longer than four weeks. Chronic and aberrantly chronic pain sufferers are at epidemic levels. Estimates calculate one in five suffer from one type or another. In Canada alone this translates to over five million people.

The debilitating effects of pain can be a life sentence in agony for individuals. The costs to families, friends, work and society are tremendous. These direct and indirect costs are staggering. Due to such a desperate need for pain relief solutions, many philanthropists have donated millions to this long neglected agony. Sufferer's in high numbers are clearly demanding effective treatment. Some are sparing no cost for relief. Science and Medicine is still struggling to understand the mystery of pain. The record for effective treatment is dismal.

MASOR® treatment is the extraordinary exception that provides safe, effective and long term pain relief.
This safety can be seen by searching for MASOR® under devices in the recent article in the CBC News on side effects from medical devices in Canada from 1977 to today. We first registered in 1982 for veterinary use and in 1984 for Human application for chronic pain.

Pain is one of the five cardinal signs of inflammation affecting soft tissue. The other four are swelling, redness, heat and loss of function. Contributing factors to inflammation include disease, injury, neuropathy and musculoskeletal conditions. This unique adjunctive treatment addresses all five. The published peer reviewed medical study shows the effect on two cardinal indicators; using the McGill pain indicator and an Agema 782 infra-red scanner. Notations are also made on redness and swelling reduction. The treatment is facilitated by using a patented, dynamic moving pulsed strong electromagnetic field under controlled conditions. This patented and published technique was the first of its kind, being developed in 1982, published in 1989 and still has not been rivaled in the market today.

Prior art from the 1950's by a Canadian Doctor in New York City has been unveiled very recently, using some pretty rudimentary equipment, which collaborates with what we have seen when using this methodology. 

MASOR® has many applications for various painful conditions. For example: when treating an newly injured ankle, it is observed that the redness and swelling are drastically reduced in minutes, along with restoration of function. Pain is also greatly reduced. Proper recovery time must be considered post treatment to prevent further injury. This therapy does not mask the problem, as may be experienced with most analgesics. It reduces the tissues shock response to the damage and allows the biological system to restore at an optimum rate.

What activities do you value; walking with family or friends, golfing, horseback riding,
dancing or simply enjoying your day?

Eligibility for Cottage Pain Clinic Service?

Discuss this treatment with your Physician or Nurse Practitioner, as the submission of a letter and completed referral form is required, (see Eligibility page, Form-PDF).


MASOR® is a registered Canadian Trade Mark, with Canadian #1192261 and U.S. patents #4561426 and is
used under license by the Cottage Pain Clinic.

The Destabilization of an Abnormal Physiological Balanced Situation, Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain,
Utilizing Magnetic Biological Device

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